Our Initiatives

The Data & Trust Alliance develops new practices and tools to advance the responsible use of data and AI across industries and disciplines. Implementation is the goal.
Our only KPI is adoption by practitioners in business, beginning within the Alliance.

Our Latest Initiative

Data Provenance Standards

The first cross-industry metadata to bring transparency to the origin of datasets used for both traditional data and AI applications. Experts from 19 D&TA organizations have co-created these standards to help organizations determine if data is suitable and trusted for use.

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Developed by practitioners from 19 leading organizations across industry.

Initiative NO. 2

Responsible Data & AI Diligence for M&A

The Data & Trust Alliance has created Responsible Data & AI Diligence for M&A, a new tool for use by M&A teams in their target screening and due diligence to assess the value and risks of data, algorithms and the cultures in which they are built.

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$ 93 B
invested in AI startups in 2021 alone, while AI mergers and acquisitions are up 96% since 2020 according to Statista and CB Insights.

Initiative NO. 1

Algorithmic Safety: Mitigating Bias in Workforce Decisions

D&TA developed Algorithmic Bias Safeguards for Workforce to provide criteria and education for HR teams to evaluate vendors on their ability to detect, mitigate, and monitor algorithmic bias in workforce decisions—from hiring and promotion to productivity and compensation.

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200 +
experts from business, academia,
and civil society helped test and refine the safeguards.