The future will be powered by the responsible use of data and intelligent systems.

As of December 2022, the 25 members of the Data & Trust Alliance collectively represent
fifteen industries
more than $1.6 trillion in revenue
5 million employees
operations in more than 175 countries
combined market value of more than $3 trillion
The data sets above are representative of data pulled in November 2022 from publicly available sources including Yahoo Finance and 2021 annual reports from the respective organizations.

For the past quarter century, companies have worked to become “digital.” Now they are using data, algorithms, and AI to reinvent how decisions are made. They are becoming data enterprises. This is transforming everything from retail, education, and entertainment to health and wellness, transportation, and energy.

For these intelligent systems to create economic and societal value for all stakeholders—customers, employees, citizens, shareholders, partners, suppliers, and more—they must be designed and managed responsibly.

Who we are

The Data & Trust Alliance brings together leading businesses and institutions across multiple industries to learn, develop, and adopt responsible data and AI practices. Established in September 2020, it was founded as a not-for-profit consortium and is co-chaired by Ken Chenault, General Catalyst chairman and managing director, and former American Express chairman and CEO; and Sam Palmisano, former IBM chairman and CEO. Jon Iwata, founding executive director, works with our Leadership Council, a cross-functional team of senior executives selected by their CEOs to identify and drive Alliance projects.

What we believe

  • Every enterprise in every industry is or will soon be
    a data enterprise.
  • Every data enterprise has an essential obligation to be a responsible steward of data, algorithms, and AI.
  • We must earn the trust and serve the interests of our stakeholders and all who share their data with us.

What we do

  • We share practices across industries and disciplines in order to accelerate learning.
  • We develop new practices and tools to advance the responsible use of data, algorithms, and AI.
  • We are not a “think tank.” We don’t lobby or advocate on public policy issues.
Every data enterprise must be
a responsible steward of data, algorithms, and AI.”

What makes us

Implementation is the goal. Our only KPI is adoption by practitioners in business. That is why everything we surface or invent is practical and actionable.

Our Latest Initiative

Responsible Data & AI Diligence for M&A

$ 93 B
invested in AI startups in
2021 alone, while AI mergers and
acquisitions are up 96% since 2020
according to Statista and
CB Insights.

Businesses across industries are investing at record rates in AI-focused acquisitions. Yet neither the risks nor the opportunities presented by these acquisitions are adequately assessed by traditional due diligence. We created Responsible Data & AI Diligence for M&A, a new tool for use by M&A teams in their target screening and due diligence to assess the value and risks of data, algorithms and the cultures in which they are built. Learn more